O H & S

Electricity is as dangerous as it is critical to modern living, which is why at MacSparx we take Health and Safety very seriously.

Our approach to Health and Safety starts with education, ensuring proper training and awareness of the dangers, which can come from both unsafe work practices and poor management of the environment in which we operate.

With a solid appreciation and commitment to the legislative requirements of working with electricity we aim to surpass current standards ensuring that not only do we provide a save working environment but that we create an environment where accidental mishap under any circumstance is prevented.

The importance of properly dealing with hazardous wastes, being aware of the dangers of the work environment, such as recognising asbestos on a job and knowing what to do once you find it, are all part of our approach to Health and Safety.

Our employees and contractors are all properly insured and required to report any potential hazard for rectification prior to carrying out any job.

In the end we aim to eliminate the dangers faced in our work environment but should a problem occur we are committed to ensuring our staff and contractors are quickly supported, rehabilitated and returned to suitable duties as quickly as practicable.

In summary our approach to Occupational Health and Safety is always:

  • Training and education
  • Compliance with legislation and company policies
  • Active management of the work environment
  • Reporting and measurement of issues
  • Support and rehabilitation of any affected individuals